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Does it sometimes feel like life is too overwhelming or unfulfilling?


You may be experiencing a lack of motivation, restlessness, or disconnection from your life and relationships.


It is time to reach out for a little extra support. And I understand that isn't an easy thing to do.

That is why I am dedicated to providing you with a space that is safe and non-judgmental, where we can conduct therapy at your pace. I welcome the opportunity to support you on your journey to feeling better.


Feeling Better Starts Here

How I can help

How I Can Help

Pink Sofa

Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Heal from Trauma

Develop Confidence

Strengthen Relationships

Cultivate Fulfillment

Manage Stress



Feeling Better Starts Here

I provide telehealth services within the southern California area. To get more information about my services or to book a session, please contact me.

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