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How I can help

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Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy for adults and adolescents can help with:

  • reducing depression and anxiety symptoms

  • gaining confidence 

  • cultivating fulfillment

  • managing stress

  • strengthening relationships

  • healing from trauma

  • understanding emotions

The specific tools I use to help varies, but often times the main goals are the same. We want to get to the core of your thoughts and behavior to understand why you feel the way you do. As part of this process, we may explore childhood experiences and relationships. Additionally, we may further explore your core beliefs, connect them with how they were created, and collaborate to develop new healthy ways of being. Ultimately, the goal is to help you cultivate self-empowerment and inspire growth that can lead to long lasting personal fulfillment.

Child Therapy

Child therapy can help with:

  • reducing anxiety and depression symptoms

  • developing social skills

  • understanding emotions

  • gaining confidence

  • healing from trauma

When helping children in therapy, I rely on both my early childhood education experiences and my clinical knowledge of brain and emotional development. My work with children is play-based. It is the most effective way to connect with and get to know children. Once the therapeutic relationships is established, I can then introduce helpful tools to develop critical thinking skills about their thoughts, feelings, and behavior and teach coping techniques  to assist in self-regulation. Additionally, I incorporate family members into some therapy sessions. This helps to facilitate a deeper understanding and connection within the family unit, which can have a dramatic impact on the quality of relationships and improve mental wellness for the whole household.

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Couples Counseling

Couples therapy is beneficial for married couples or partnered individuals who are in any stage of their relationship, from newly involved, long-term, pre-marital, or any other time when they feel issues arising that are creating conflict.

Couples counseling can help with:

  •  reducing and de-escalating conflict

  • developing effective communication

  • cultivating emotional connection

  • differing desire levels

  • navigating phase-of-life transitions

  • moving through infidelity

Working with couples differs from individual therapy in that the relationship (system) is the main focus. My approach involves impacting the relationship on two levels: On the first level, we examine behaviors and interactions in the systems current functioning.  Then we collaborate on developing and practicing tools to facilitate helpful relationship interactions. On the second level, we explore the root cause of the unhelpful dynamics in the relationship. This is where we develop a deeper understanding of each partners relationship experiences and the thoughts and emotions connected to them - beginning with each family of origin. With this work, the couple develops a deeper understanding and emotional connection to each other.

Trauma Recovery

Trauma therapy can help with both the visible and invisible trauma symptoms by:

  •  reducing PTSD symptoms (hyperventilating, racing heart, heightened startle response, nightmares/flashbacks, restlessness, and more)

  • navigating avoidance behavior

  • alleviating excessive worrying

  • feeling more connected to your life and relationships

  • decreasing rage or anger

  • diminishing impulsive/risky behavior

  • reducing anxiety and depression

  • addressing addictions

My work with trauma is extensive and I have a few different approaches that I draw upon. But first and foremost, I allow my clients to set the pace and chose the recovery therapy model that fits for them. I am trained in Trauma-focused CBT, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), and Narrative Trauma Therapy. For more information about my practice and work with trauma, please contact me.

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